Program 2011


 0845–0850      Welcome and introductory remarks from Dr Rolf Tamnes, Director of IFS and Dr Johannes Rø, Head of Centre for Transatlantic Studies,

0850–0915      Opening Address from Espen Barth Eide, State Secretary in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (i.e. Deputy Foreign Minister)

0915–0930      Q & A

 Part I: United States Foreign Policymaking

 0930–1015      Lecture: Professor Andrew Bacevich: Sacred Trinity

1015–1025      Discussant: Dr. Tormod Heier

1025–1040      Q & A: Anders Romarheim (IFS), moderator

 1040–1100      Coffee Break

 1100–1130      Lecture: Dr Johannes Rø: The mechanisms of US security policy

1130–1145      Q & A: Ingrid Lundestad (IFS), moderator

 1145–1300      Lunch

 Part II : US Dominance and the Rise of China

 1300–1330      Lecture: Professor Geir Lundestad: When will China overtake the United States?

1330–1400      Discussant and Q & A moderator: Dr Øystein Tunsjø (IFS)

 1400–1415      Coffee Break

 1415–1500      Lecture: Professor Christopher Layne: After the Fall: U.S. Grand strategy after the Pax Americana

1500–1530      Discussant and Q & A moderator: Michael Mayer (IFS)

 Part III: Debate – Consequences for the Transatlantic Relationship

 1530–1625      Panel Discussion: Professor Bacevich, Professor Layne, Professor Lundestad, Dr Paal Sigurd Hilde (IFS) and Romarheim (IFS), moderator

 1625–1630      Closing Remarks: Dr Johannes Rø (IFS)

 1630                Conference End