The FokusUSA Conference


An important mission of the Centre for Transatlantic Studies at IFS is to contribute to the public discourse in Norway on United States foreign and defence policy issues by offering unvarnished and objective analysis.

The FokusUSA blog constitutes one medium through which this mission is accomplished. Another is the annual conference that offers leading scholars a forum for discussing a range of themes – from current US domestic politics to global strategy to analyses of US policy using theories of International Relations. The conference emphasizes open and lively scholarly debate.



The 2012 FokusUSA Conference:

US Foreign Policy Priorities and the Presidential Election

The Centre for Transatlantic Studies at the Norwegian Institute for Defence Studies extends a cordial invitiation to the second annual FokusUSA conference.

Date: Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Confirmed participants include:

  • Professor Robert Art of Brandeis University
  • Professor Robert Ross of Boston College
  • Professor Colin Dueck of George Mason University
  • With a keynote address by Ine Marie Eriksen Søreide, Chair, Standing Committee on Foreign Affairs and Defence, and Chair, Enlarged Foreign Affairs Committee in the Norwegian Parlament


 Additional details coming soon….